We are a Social Business

We are an ecosystem of learning professionals and organisations who are passionate in the pure joy of learning.

We aim to be a bridge between the learners wants needs and dreams, with those that provide quality and impactful learning opportunities.

We aspire to be the Go To Place/Home/Temple for Education, Learning and Development Needs

We aspire to cater to all forms of learning - including vocational, outdoor, workplace, e-learning etc.

We live and breathe learning

What we stand for?

Building Social Capital

We believe in building people. Whether you are an individual, organisation, leader, or follower - everyone one has the potential to be a productive and contributing member of society. All it takes is the right support for learning and becoming productive.

You first

As our customer, you are our top priority. We believe that learning should set you free. With so many products and services out there, we promise to lead you to what you need. Let us navigate the maze and curate and pick out the solutions & experiences that are best suited for you.

Subject Matter Mastery

The master of the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes in the bedrock on which learning is based. Our endeavor is to promote this mastery among the learning community.

Capability Building

We work with you identify, build and sustain your capabilities needed to continuously improve performance and deliver impact.


Walking the talk

Our strength is our values and commitment to learning. We are accountable to providing quality service.

Social Impact

We are a social business with clear impact metrics and OKRs in every sphere of our business / all stakeholders.