A Unique Trainer Development Model

Serfi369 is a unique model combining two elements – Serfilitation & 369. Serfilitation is Facilitation with a combination of serve, service and servant mindset. 369 comes from the old Shaolin Temple legend where the new monks get a thorough grounding and practice in their path to mastery. Serfi369 model is a progressive model of trainer development through five stages which includes deliberate practice.

A trainer is never by accident. A trainer needs the passion and the grounding to be able to perform the role professionally. This is what we call the Roots of Facilitation. Skilful trainers almost seem to weave an art in their delivery. As a true facilitator, everything they do is for the sake of learners. They “train without training”, so learners can “Learn without learning”. This is what we call as sculpting every moment – Sculptures of Facilitation.

Perfection comes from years of diligently practising the art. As they say, It takes 10000 hours to be a master. Mentor is the highest level of achievement where it is all about Giving Back.

Serfi369 is a comprehensive trainer development model which uniquely blends the science and the art of facilitation.