Learning Centers

Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces are visualized to be the Physical Confluence where learners, learning developers, Training Providers, Training Service organizations and Professional Associations are all available under one roof. It is designed to be the "Temple of Learning" - where everyone who cares about growing their capabilities & helping others in that journey is present.

Imagine what such an ecosystem can do to spur Innovation & business growth. Where Collaboration & Co-creation becomes the norm. A place where Social Impact is the norm and not an afterthought.

As a learner, imagine a place where you can walk in and discuss with a real person about your learning needs and how to develop yourself.

As an independent trainer, imagine working in a co-working space where there are other trainers also working. You get an opportunity to network, get news of newer opportunities and deepen your own knowledge and skills.

Watch this space for the list of Learning Spaces!